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Burton Leonard is a village and civil parish in the Harrogate District of North Yorkshire, England and is approixmately 7 miles (11km) south from Ripon.

The village is typical of the area and at its centre is the village green. Home to a church, a small primary school, cricket field and a village shop. Buses run daily from the green to the nearby towns of Harrogate and Ripon. The village hosts a vast range of clubs, groups and activities for villagers to enjoy.

In 2016 the village welcomed Dementia Forward to the George Armitage House (previously The Methodist Church purchased and donated to Dementia Forward by a local charitable trust).

This site is used by the Parish Council to provide information about their meetings such as agendas, minutes, correspondence lists, financial information and reports.

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Scaffolding at the School

Just to let everyone know that the Parish Council has been concerned that the village green has been used without permission for scaffolding erection at the school. We are now in communication with NYCC to ensure that the essential work they carry out on the school bell tower, as it affects the village green will be carried out in a safe manner.  Also, that any remedial work needed for the green after the work has been completed will be carried out promptly. It is estimated that the work will be completed by approximately 3rd August. Keith TownsonChairmanBurton Leonard Parish Council.

Keith Townson

Chairman Burton Leonard Parish Council

Letter from Parish Council Chairman regarding HGV's Travelling through the Village

Dear Villagers

Burton Leonard Parish Council (BLPC) thought it prudent to issue an update of the action taken regarding the issue of the excessive numbers of HGVs being routed through Burton Leonard.What is particularly annoying is that Burton Leonard is suffering this mammoth daily load of approx. 5 HGVs, hourly for eight hours, so that villagers in Scotton will get the benefit of two new football fields.NYCC has decided that Burton Leonard should suffer this constant heavy flow of traffic through our village and has instructed the contracted haulage companies to use Burton Leonard for the transport route. 

This continuous flow of traffic is causing severe damage to the, already in poor condition, roads as well as being a constant pollution, noise and safety issue for Burton Leonard residents.BLPC have contacted both Councillors and our MP who represent us and the traffic commissioners who are supposed to look after these traffic issues in North Yorkshire but, as yet, have had insignificant or no response and don't expect one anytime soon.

BLPC have spoken with the hauliers involved and they are sympathetic but confirm that there's nothing that can be done as the preferred route was given by NYCC. They also confirm that all drivers have been advised to be careful and courteous driving through villages. The contract has a completion date towards the end of July 2018 and they apologise for any inconvenience to the villagers affected, fully understanding our concerns, but, as there is an end-date that is not that far away, they suggest, in the nicest possible way, that it is something that just has to be tolerated.

Burton Leonard roads have a 7.5 tonnes weight restriction but the legality of this has been driven rough shod over by NYCC. They have ignored the legal requirement by designating Burton Leonard as the route for the hauliers as other villages refuse to put up with the disruption. The traffic commissioners have stated that it will be some time before we hear anything from them.BLPC have taken the issue up with NYCC and received acknowledgement but no response as to why we have been targeted to have this disturbance through the village to provide a benefit to another village which has its own road access.

BLPC took NYCC's suggestion to take the matter up with the police who make Traffic Regulation Orders to control all types of traffic, including weight limits for lorries. It is the North Yorkshire Police who have the responsibility for the enforcement of weight limits.

If you feel strongly about this please let the authorities know that you don’t want this traffic through our village. Lobby support from those who represent us at all levels of government, and register your complaint by sending an email to: trafficbureau@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk.

Best regards

Keith Townson
For and on behalf of BLPC

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